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The Desert Of New York


HPIP Damien E. Hall (251)
Imperial Deputy Of The Desert

Medina Temple No. 19
Hadji Temple No. 61
Aleppo Temple No. 88
Abu Bekr Temple No. 91
Al Tabari Temple No. 121
Elejmal Temple No. 185
Nyla Temple No. 238
Al Maseer Temple No. 251


One Desert One Mind


HPIC Cassandra  B. Duff (11)
Imperial Deputy For The Desert

Medina Court No. 11
Al Tabari Court No. 28
Hadji Court No. 62
Abu Bekr Court No. 74
Aleppo Court No. 140 Elejmal Court No. 171
Al Maseer Court No. 226

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